Solving Thunder Spire 43F – No RNG low rarity 【白夜極光/Alchemy Stars】

You can copy this move for move if you have the same characters and investment.*
This run had no item heals from Unimet, there’s a bit of leeway if RNG gives them.


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I don’t know why I decided to do this or when I decided this was viable. Before I attempted this my Amy was untouched in terms of resources spent and Tessa was still A1 (pulled her recently). The theory for me at the time was that if I could last until the last turn building stacks for Tessa, maybe I could beat the boss with Schwartz chipping the boss down.

The question was did I have enough damage and could I survive long enough. So I went to testing with E1 Amy and E6 Tessa. The results of that is dead at 8 turns and boss with more than 50% hp remaining. But I felt the potential in this meme, so I had to do it. And somewhere along the way it changed from clear with this team, to also clear without any RNG. And here we are.

Solving this fight to have no RNG meant three things to me:
1. To make use of the tiles converted by the boss
2. to not backtrack over my previous path (unless 1 tile) because tiles can reset differently
3. I can play the same way each time and get the same results

My 15th recorded run was the first clear, overall around 22 – 25 attempts at solving. Had to start recording because I would not remember my previous steps and needed to review what I did and what mistakes I made.

Characters used (sorted by lowest investment)
-A0 BT0 Equip0 Affinity 0(Lv.30 Eho)
-A2 BT2 Equip2 Affinity 5(Lv.20 Schwartz)
-A2 BT3 Equip3 Affinity 0(Lv.20 Unimet)
-A2 BT3 Equip10 Affinity 5(Lv.20 Amy)
-A3 BT0 Equip10 Affinity 5(Lv.01 Tessa)
The team:

Amy to keep team alive with passive healing
Unimet 2 tile small heal, connects island tiles
Eho much needed reposition due to lack of converters
Schwartz whittles down bosses with percentage based damage
Tessa ramps up to deal the finishing blow

How Amy’s skill works:

Just a note:
Amy’s flag is bugged in two ways that I know of, one has to do with switching captains and the other has to do with recasts. The enemy’s aggro attack also messes with this I think. In this run, the bug is making me heal less than normal so I don’t think it will affect the overall success even if it gets fixed in the future.

How these bosses work:
If both can attack
-Shifting attacks
-Evolved attacks

If evolved can attack but shifting can’t
-Shifting moves
-Evolved attacks
-Shifting attacks

If shifting can attack but evolved can’t
-Evolved moves
-Shifting attacks
-Evolved attacks

If both can’t attack
-Evolved attacks
-Shifting attacks

Based on the above rules, it can be simplified as:
1. If one can attack, the other moves first
2. The one that moved always attacks second
3. Shifting Solmorph always attacks first unless it needs to move
4. If both moved, Evolved Solmorph attacks first
5. They look the same so I forget which is which sometimes

Converted tiles are fixed

Self imposed restrictions (I don’t have those 6 stars anyways
-(1) Character at Ascension 3
-(0) 6 star characters
-(0) mass tile converters
-As low investment as I can to beat the stage

No compromise (Required Investments)
-Amy with Equip at level 10 and however many def you need from levels
-Tessa at A3 with Equip at level 10
-Unimet A1 to unlock Equip1
-Unimet BT3 for preemptive

Optional (not required if you have more stats – damage/def/hp)
-Amy Breakthroughs – BT2 if you need more defense, BT3 lowers cd by 1, one more stack
-Schwartz Breakthroughs – not needed or BT1 if you need defense
-Schwartz equip levels – if you lack damage
-Unimet equip levels – if you have enough hp/def/heal to survive

I understand being hesitant about investing into Amy and Tessa when there’s a ton of character’s that need your resources, but Tessa has proven herself in many others’ teams already, so she’s always a solid investment if you need a good lightning detonator. Amy however is only good with meme content…

Just kidding. She has niche use but I see potential for her.